AmeriBen recently learned of an isolated unauthorized disclosure. For members who may be impacted by this breach, the information disclosed may have included: Case Number (a unique client number), Cert (an employee’s unique number), Employee’s first and last name, Claimant’s first and last name (which may be a spouse or dependent child), provider name, provider city, claim number (uniquely assigned by AmeriBen), date of service, INEL Code (ineligible code unique to AmeriBen), and amount billed or paid.

We have no reason to believe that someone has or will misuse your health care data because of what happened. But, if you notice anything in your health records or explanation of benefits (EOBs) that doesn’t look right, please contact us as soon as possible.
For members seeking additional information regarding this event, a toll-free assistance line has been established.  Individuals may call 1-800-947-9203.