2020 Leadership Conference



After careful consideration of the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the AmeriBen Leadership Conference Committee and management team have decided not to host AmeriBen’s 52nd Annual Leadership Conference in Sun Valley (September 23-25, 2020) this year. 

The health and safety of our employees, sponsors, speakers, clients, brokers, partners, friends, and the mountain community of Sun Valley are our highest priority. The uncertainty caused by the spread of COVID-19 makes it impossible for us to responsibly confirm the travel, logistics, and participation 
of all those who were so looking forward to joining us this fall. 2020 will mark the first time in 52
years that AmeriBen has not held our annual conference.

It’s hard to imagine that anything can replace the joy that we share together during our inspiring days in Sun Valley. Without a doubt the AmeriBen Leadership Conference has a long and healthy life, both behind, and ahead of us. One of our biggest strengths as a company, and as a community, is our ability to adapt and reinvent ourselves when we are needed the most – while never losing sight of our core purpose of “Changing lives by developing great leaders in family, business, community, and the world”. May these challenging times find us working even closer together to achieve our common goals of leadership development.

As you may recall, during AmeriBen’s Annual Leadership Conference each year we support one of our favorite causes, Big Brothers Big Sisters. Many non-profits have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 situation and AmeriBen is committed to making our standard donation to BBBS’s mission to defend the potential of our Idaho youth. We encourage each of you to also support a cause you love, either monetarily or in service.

We are already making plans for an unforgettable reunion in Sun Valley, Idaho next year, September 
22 – 24, 2021, and we look forward to seeing you once this global health pandemic passes. Until then, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones, your families, and your staff members are all healthy and safe.



Carrie Hatch, President & CEO AmeriBen